Đèn Cổng Năng Lượng Mặt Trời GL07116

Inspired by classical towers, solar gate lights GL07116  for outdoor spaces, lawns, flower parks…. And we can assert, just put this in the right space, it will become an aesthetic highlight.


Thanh toán ngay
Lamp power 3W
Solar Panel 5V 3W
The battery Lithium-Ion 3.7V 4AH
Charging time 6-8H
Used Time 12-15H
Brightness 100 lm / w
Material Aluminum + PMMA
Size 250 * 250 * 410mm
Standard CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, VLD, IP65
 Often used for decoration Backyard, garden, …

Structure of solar gate pillar GL07116:

– The lamp is designed by the designer to the style of famous, ancient towers, incorporating new technology using the endless clean green energy of the sun.

– The lamp head has a classic tiled roof, the pointed tip is fitted with 4 single-crystal solar panels made of high quality silicon material evenly around.

– Inside is a circular light cluster, mounted by many small LEDs, combined together to emit extremely high light.

– Enclosed is a high-quality glass-covered cage with exquisite and solemn borders, harmonious accents.

– The bottom base is made of aluminum alloy, connected to the body by a fixed, firm screw. The light stand has easy-to-install holes in every position.

– Lamp power is 3W with moderate lighting, built-in lamp port GL07116  is a 3.7V 4AH battery pack, made of high-class Lithium-Ion, with a charging time of only 6 and a usage time of 12 up to 15 hours.

– Products are closed process capacity, strict quality inspection process to meet safety standards such as CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, VLD, IP65 … waterproof, wear-resistant, durable despite the weather. harshest.

– Lights are installed with intelligent light sensor system, which automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day.

– Using completely from the endless clean energy source from sunlight helps to be environmentally friendly and save monthly electricity bill costs for your family.

– No need to use electric wires, lights installed and used easily, can be mounted in any space you want. Perfect choice for villas, gardens, front gates, backyards, roofs porch, …

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