Inverter Hòa Lưới Sofar Solar ME 3000SP

Product Name: ME 3000SP

Product Model: 3KW


Thanh toán ngay

Bộ Hòa Lưới Sofar Solar

Simple and Reliable

  • Exchanges energy via the electrical grid, no coupling with the PV inverter, mature technology, simple and reliable.
  • Can integrate with all grid-tied renewable systems, including solar, wind, fuel cell etc.

Easy installation

  • Compatible with existing grid-tied PV inverters.
  • No need to upgrade the distribution system.
  • Uses a split-core CT, no need to disconnect the electrical grid at all.

Multiple modes

  • Supports stand alone mode (like UPS),Ensures the safe operation of the critical load.
  • Programmable multiple operations modes:Grid tie,Off grid,and grid-tie with backup.

Flexible solution

  • Provides a full solution for enerfy consumers to maximize the use of their generated solar energy.
  • Increases self-consumption rate(from 20% to 70%).
  • User-adjustable battery charging current suits different types of batteries.



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Download Specifications ME 3000SP Here