Tấm Pin Mono Canadian 445W ( 445MS )


IEC 61215 / IEC 61730: VDE / CE / MCS / INMETRO

UL 1703:  CSA / IEC 61701 ED2: VDE / IEC 62716: VDE / IEC 60068-2-68: SGS Take-e-way

* As there are  different certification requirements in different markets, please contact your local  Canadian Solar sales representative for the specific certificates applicable to the products in the region in which the products are to be used.

* For detail information, please refer to Installation Manual.

CANADIAN SOLAR INC. is committed to providing high quality solar products, solar system solutions and services to cus- tomers around the world. No. 1 module supplier for quality

and performance/price ratio in IHS Module Customer Insight Survey. As a leading PV project developer and manufacturer of solar modules with over 40 GW deployed around the world since 2001.


Thanh toán ngay

Chi Tiết Thông Số Kỹ Thuật : 430 455 DATA


Up to 30% more power from the back side

24 % higher front side power than conventional modules

30     linear power output warranty*


Low NMOT: 41 ± 3 °C

Low  temperature coefficient (Pmax):

-0.35 % / °C

enhanced product warranty on materials and  workmanship

Better shading tolerance

*According to the applicable Canadian Solar  Limited Warranty Statement.


Lower  internal current, lower hot spot temperature

Minimizes micro-crack impacts

Heavy  snow load up to 5400  Pa, wind  load up to 3600  Pa *


ISO 9001:2015 / Quality management system

ISO 14001:2015 / Standards for environmental management system

OHSAS 18001:2007 / International standards for occupational health & safety

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